Concept architect for rebuilding of MEGA Adygea shopping centre.

The MEGA Adygea shopping centre is located in south of Russia, close to the city of Krasnodar. It is owned by IKEA Shopping Centres Russia, who has decided to expand the existing centre significantly to become a unique destination for retail and leisure. 

Jan did the first sketches of the expansion back in 2013 and has participated in the development plans since then. He was recently appointed Concept Architect of the project. The purpose of that role is to supervise the works of other consultants on behalf of ISCR. It is one of many steps that ISCR has taken to secure quality and continuity of this ambitious project throughout the planning and construction process.

Jakobsson Pusterla is proud to contribute to a project that will set a new standard on the Russian market. When the project finishes it will be a gravitational point in Adygea/Krasnodar for retail, F&B as well as numerous sports and leisure activities.

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